Olmsted Falls parents push for in-person learning, but calls fail to sway board of education

Schools will start with remote learning on September 8th

Olmsted Falls parents push for in-person learning, but calls fail to sway board of education

OLMSTED FALLS, Ohio (WOIO) - Dozens of parents and Olmsted Falls students came out to make their voices heard on Thursday.

Parents want their kids back in the classroom full-time, but it looks like they will not be getting what they want. Some parents are so frustrated they say they plan on putting their kids in private school.

“At this particular point in time while its trending downward, it’s not at a level that makes me comfortable to send students back to school at least to recommend you,” said Olmsted Falls Schools Superintendent Dr. James Lloyd.

That’s not the news the parents who came out to protest Thursday evening wanted to hear.

“She’s on an IEP. She’s special needs and she needs school,” said parent Erica Prehauser. “She needs one on one. She needs the hand over hand. She needs the interaction with all the other kids, and she hasn’t been in school since February and she’s regressing when she was doing so well.”

On Thursday Olmsted Falls Schools Superintendent recommended that schools start out in remote learning, but he says that could change depending on the number of cases and the rate of infection. However, extracurricular activities will be allowed. The school board approved his recommendation.

Prehauser said given the school board’s decision she feels like she has no choice but to send her daughter to private school.

Ashley Rivera says she moved to Olmsted Falls this summer specifically because of the school district.

“If any parent is working from home online, they know how hard it is to get through a two-hour conference call and they’re how old? How is my 5-year-old supposed to be sitting on a screen all day?” Ashley Rivera said.

The school district will allow extracurricular activities but will be severely limiting the amount of people allowed to attend sporting events.

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