Fairview Park mom utilizes autism scholarship program to help with son’s at-home learning

Fairview Park mom utilizing autism scholarship program to help with son’s at-home learning

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Dina Cepulo is a mom of two and had to decide whether or not she wanted to send her kids back to school this fall.

Cepulo says her daughter Lilian did great with online schooling.

“But with my son is a different story,” said Cepulo.

Cepulo’s son Cohen has autism and she says he doesn’t do well with online learning, so she knew then she had to get creative.

She’s planning on using money she’ll receive from an autism scholarship program to hire a private tutor.

"They will actually come into the home, like two or three days for a couple of hours and work on his IEP goals and give him ABA therapy," Cepulo added.

Cepulo says she learned more about the scholarship from the organization Connecting for Kids which provides support to children with special needs.

Sarah Rintamaki runs the organization and says when it comes to sending kids back to school- it’s not a one-size fits all solution.

“There is no one right solution, even if you say let’s look at all children with autism or... cerebral palsy, every child in every family is unique, it’s really about figuring out the right decision for you,” Rintamaki added.

Cepulo says she hopes sharing her story will help other parents struggling to find the best back-to-school option for their children.

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