Autism Scholarship Program provides students with autism up to $27,000 for private educational services

Autism Scholarship Program can provide students with autism up to $27,000 for private educational services

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - We know a lot of parents are struggling to find the best back-to-school option for their children.

This rings especially true for parents of kids who have special needs, like autism, because remote learning can be difficult.

Nathan Morgan was diagnosed with autism as a child.

Now, as an adult he helps autistic children with their educational needs through the organization Milestones Autism Resources.

He says a good alternative to in-person classes for your special needs child is hiring a private tutor.

“Having that one person to help prompt, maybe provide hand-over-hand assistance, redirection or modeling is always helpful,” Morgan added.

We know tutoring services aren’t free and Morgan says that’s when resources like the Autism Scholarship Program come in handy.

The scholarship has been around for years, but due to the pandemic families are utilizing it even more now.

They can get up to $27,000 in state funds to spend on a learning plan designed for the child, but not everyone will get the full amount.

“The amount is almost prorated based on when in the school year you applied, additionally, if a student is only receiving a minimal amount of services, though their IEP. The amount would be however much it would cost to provide that service,” said Morgan.

If you are interested in the autism scholarship, Morgan says you should connect with an organization like Milestones.

“Reaching out to Connecting for Kids, Milestones, OECE and having a conversation with the provider the family feels comfortable with is a great first step,” he added.

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