Back-to-school not back to normal for Cleveland school supply company

Pulsar pivots to provide products made closer, giveaways for teachers

Back-to-school not back to normal for Cleveland school supply company

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Pulsar’s Products’ creative studios are empty. But store shelves are filled with their products at Meijer’s, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Walmart just like usual in an unusual back-to-school season.

“This year, with everything going digital, back-to-school is a little different,” said Pulsar founder Eric Ludwig. “People need headsets and they need microphones, but they still need some of the basic materials they need every year.”

So Pulsar’s notebooks, folders, binders, and other school supplies are still on store shelves, but Ludwig knows some districts won’t have as much money to spend on his products.

“As this year hit and schools need to focus on their funding on different PPEs and other needs, so we thought why not take the product we didn’t sell and support teachers across the country. “So, the first 500 teachers to visit our Instagram and comment or share, we’re going to send them a free back-to-school packet of grade supplies.”

Ludwig said the company also moved much of his production out of China and back into the United States.

“Most of our items we produced have been in Asia over the last 15, 20 years, but we said, ‘Look, why can’t we make some of the items in the states',” he said, “Now 50% of our back-to-school items are made between Michigan and Ohio.”

Ludwig started the business in his parent’s Shaker Heights basement in 1997 and now has a staff of almost 20 working in the ArtCraft Building on Superior and East 25th Street, practicing the company’s motto: “We. Not Me.”

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