Independence company finds creative way to support employees as their kids begin online learning

Independence company finds creative way to support employees as their kids begin online learning

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Another local company is getting creative to make sure their employees have the support they need as the school year begins.

We told you a few weeks ago about a North Royalton mom who was setting up her business’ conference room as a classroom for her employees’ kids.

Now, employees of a different office across town are doing something very similar.

It’s become “Bring your kids to work day” every day in at PCBX in Independence.

The employer is allowing parents to bring their kids to work, where they have set up mini-classrooms for the kids.

They say their kids have been tagging along to the office for about a week now, so 19 News checked in to see how it’s going.

Ellie and Kylie Costello are enrolled in Parma Schools.

Their mother, Melissa Costello, is in her office just down the hall, adjusting each time the district sends out a new learning plan amid the pandemic.

“It changes daily,” she said. “They have their room set up for their virtual learning. There’s another employee as well who has his children in here as well.”

Matt Polak is the manager at PCBX.

He says it’s a circuit board contract manufacturing company that does a lot of work in the entertainment industry.

“A lot of work in feature film, theme parks, live entertainment, so we get to do a lot of neat stuff here,” he said. “A little outside the box thinking is wonderful to help get stuff back to normal.”

Of course it’s not the same for the kids, but they say it’ll defiantly due for now.

“Yes, but I wish I was at school,” Ellie said.

None the less, they and their family are thanking “Mr. Matt” for his understanding tonight.

“It means the world. I know there are a lot of families out there who do not have this luxury. I know it is a luxury that I have,” Costello said.

Polak said, “Work has to get done, but we’re also living in strange times. the flexibility to know that stuff is getting done but knowing people are keeping their lives together in some sane fashion is very important to us.”

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