Will the Browns be ready for season opener?

Mounting injuries making life tough already

Will the Browns be ready for season opener?
Browns Beat (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - No tailgating. Limited "pods" of fans, if any.  

The game day experience will be far different for Browns Nation. 

But in one way, and one way only, there is one difference they'd like to experience. 

A season-opening win. 

It’s happened only once since they returned in ’99. And that was, ironically enough, against the Ravens, 16 years ago. The same team they’re opening up against on September 13.

But these Ravens are better. The best team in the division. And the Browns are already banged up, especially on defense. 

Will they be ready?

“To be honest with you, we are really worried about the Browns right now in terms of getting our defense called and getting our defense executed,” defensive coordinator Joe Woods said. “We are towards the end of our installation, and we are really putting a heavy mix on the guys this week so it is more game-like in terms of what we are doing and what we are calling at practice. The main focus right now is on us really, and then we will have to deal with Baltimore coming up here in the next week or two.”

Still, Kevin Stefanski is dealing with the challenge of being physical enough in practice, without having more guys go down. 

"Injuries are part of this game," Stefanski said. "They have happened for a very long time. They will continue to be part of this game. As much as you hate to hear it, it is next man up. They have heard it from me. They have heard it from every coach going back to Pee Wee. I think they know the message that we have a lot of work to, do and we have work to be done. We hate to lose those guys, but we have to get back to that work.

“There is an element of the dog days of training, which everybody knows what that feels like and what that looks like. We just have to push through it.” 

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