Stormy start for Northeast Ohio high school football in midst of pandemic

Storms rolled through the area, causing cancellations and delays, but Aurora and Brecksville managed to get their game played.

Stormy start for Northeast Ohio high school football in midst of pandemic

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - After an uncertain off-season, the first Friday night of high school football started in perfect 2020 fashion: with a series of storms that blew through the area, causing delays and postponements.

In Aurora, the Greenmen were on the field just moments from kicking off against Brecksville, when a bolt of lightning streaked across the sky and caused an hour-long delay.

It added to a different looking night, as Aurora, following the state’s guidelines, allowed only two tickets per family of each player, cheerleader, and band member.

“We’re going from like 5,000 capacity to just about 600 capacity, all that were allowed in, so obviously not everybody who wants to be here can be here,” said Aurora Athletic Director Paul Powers.

The Aurora community and students usually support the highly successful football program in droves, but not on this night and most likely not anytime this season.

Still, the families that filed in during a pouring rain were happy that there was at least a season that started.

“The community has really embraced it, we’re trying to come together, we’re wearing masks, were doing the right things,” said football parent J.R. Papesh.

Jake McVey, another football parent agreed.

“I think it’s still going to be fun, it’s still football and it is better than sitting at home and doing nothing, so I am just glad we get to play,” McVey said.

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