Vail Resorts announces COVID-19 regulations for 2020 winter season

Vail Resorts announces COVID-19 regulations for 2020 winter season
Boston Mills/Brandywine Ski Resort during the 2019-2020 season. (Source: Boston Mills/Bradywine Ski Resort)

OHIO (WOIO) - Here’s a breakdown of Vail Resorts COVID-19 guidelines.

Vail Resorts owns four mountain resorts in Ohio, including Alpine Valley, Boston Mills, Brandywine and Mad River Mountain, and operates 34 resorts in the United States.

Skiing is a fall and winter activity, and experts are warning that coronavirus (and the flu) may worsen during these seasons.

So Vail Resorts has an extensive plan for preventing spread of the virus on its sites.

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- Masks must be worn during all activities

- Social distancing

- Off-site ticket purchasing

- Gloves and eye protection for employees when social distancing cannot be maintained

- Health screenings for employees

Book your reservations at

Passholders will follow personalized reservation instruction that can be found here.

While tickets cannot be purchased on site, you can pick your pre-purchased tickets up at the ticket window.

Same day tickets can be purchased online or over the phone by calling 1-(800) 842-8062.

In-house restaurants will follow public health guidelines, and some restaurants will adapt their set-up to cafeteria style.

In addition to these requirements, group and private lessons will be limited to a maximum attendance of six people.

If you purchased a pass and are no longer interested, you can get it fully refunded by calling 1-(800) 842-8062 or filling out an online form (which isn’t available yet.)

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