Missing pedestrian signal raises safety concerns at dangerous Cleveland crosswalk

Missing pedestrian signal raises safety concerns at dangerous Cleveland crosswalk

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - There has been buzz on social media recently about a dangerous crosswalk in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood, thanks to the removal of a pedestrian signal due to construction.

The crosswalk at Lorain Road and West 24th Street is sandwiched between the West Side Market and an RTA station.

As the issue gained steam on social media, 19 News began looking into the problem as well.

It appears the signal was removed to make room for construction of INTRO, the new, 35,000-square-foot development across from the West Side Market.

While there is a pedestrian signal on the north side of the street, there is no signal on the south side, meaning many pedestrians walking from the market to the train station are doing so with even more caution and nerves than normal.

“That could be a very deadly hazard,” said Susie White. “If someone is zooming through here, then of course there probably will be an accident.”

Others try to avoid the situation.

“These [drivers] come flying down here. I’m old and my legs hurt. If I’ve got to run, I’d rather just stay in my apartment,” Dennis Compton told 19 News.

Ward 3 City Councilman Kerry McCormack vowed to look into the issue when he was tagged in the thread on Twitter.

It’s unclear what city officials are doing, however.

19 News reached out a city spokesperson in the mayor’s office, as well as the city’s traffic engineering department.

Neither responded, but the twitter account for Ohio City Incorporated, the development group for the neighborhood, tweeted that city inspectors were on scene on Tuesday.

The crosswalk is part of an intersection that has traffic lights, so it isn’t completely void of safety. Pedestrians do have an opportunity to cross when the traffic light corresponding to their direction of travel is green.

The traffic lights, however, are not positioned directly over the crosswalk or in immediate view of pedestrians.

Another issue, aside from the missing signal, is the missing push button which would typically give pedestrians the opportunity to request a light change.

19 News recently launched a troubleshooting tipline for viewers, focused on helping you when other avenues for change have not worked.

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