Denzel Ward aiming towards another Pro Bowl ... and wins

Former Nordonia and Ohio State star leading depleted secondary

Denzel Ward

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - One by one they went down.

Kevin Johnson.

Grant Delpit.

Greedy Williams.

Just to name a few.

The Browns secondary, banged up to say the least.

And while Greedy and his shoulder were listed as “day to day”, it’s been yet another adjustment.

“All my teammates, all my DB’s, they’re all my partners, so it’s not just Greedy,” Denzel Ward said. “But I definitely miss Greedy being out there and participating and competing with him out there, so I’m definitely looking forward to getting him back.”

‘All his DB’s’ includes an undrafted rookie who promised to make an impact in camp, and did.

“Someone I’d say has definitely caught my eye with more reps as guys got injured is A.J. Green,” Ward said. “He’s been having a great camp and making plays when he’s been out there. Making plays on “1′s”, or whoever he’s been out there with, so I feel he’s definitely stepped up.”

Ward’s a pretty good judge. He was a star as a rookie, two short years ago, making the Pro Bowl. He admits, he wants to go back. Who doesn’t? It’s time to solidify his status as an elite corner.

“I believe so,” Ward says. “I believe every time I get the opportunity to go out there I can show that I’m an elite corner in this league and see what I can do to help my team win.”

And that starts with leading by example. Leading a secondary that has had multiple players rotating in and out because of injuries.

“I feel like it’s a good test,” Ward says. “Guys got tested early ... so they got those reps where you could communicate and work with guys who you may not have gotten reps with before. I feel it’s been good, and the communication’s still there.”

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