19 Troubleshooter: Viewer asks for help with hidden driveways due to Parma Heights construction

Parma Heights construction stirring confusion on Pearl Road

PARMA HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - Amid a massive construction project along Pearl Road, a number of driveways to Parma Heights businesses appear to be hidden from view for motorists.

A 19 News viewer pointed the issue out, noting that in Parma Heights the entrances are concealed behind a barrage of orange barrels.

But just down the road in Middleburg Heights, he said several businesses were clearly marked by big, orange, attention grabbing signs reading, “BUSINESS ENTRANCE.”

“It would be extremely helpful because people get lost. They just pass it up and don’t see me. And I’m off the road to begin with,” said Renee Bolz, owner of Martini Drive Thru.

Count her among those who would like a sign out in front of her Parma Heights business.

“When all of the barrels are blocking [the view], you can’t be seen,” she said.

The multi-city project is being managed by ODOT.

“The project just began work in Parma Heights a few weeks ago, with much more work to come,” said ODOT spokesperson Amanda McFarland. “The Project Engineer and Contractor have been working with businesses to place [signs] where they feel it is advantageous.”

“Per the plans, ‘Business Entrance’ signs are placed when a business driveway is temporarily relocated due to work and the new access is not obvious to the motoring public,” she said.

McFarland added that as of now, that type of work has not yet taken place in Parma Heights.

She said exemptions, however, can be made.

19 News also reached out to the cities of Middleburg Heights and Parma Heights.

The Director of Community and Economic Development for Parma Heights, Joseph Sebes, told 19 News that he’s been working with the project manager to start placing signs on the Parma Heights side of the project.

It’s likely, according to McFarland, that the sign placement would start migrating into Parma Heights naturally as the project progresses and work requires it.

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