Baker Mayfield: “Everything happens for a reason”

Browns quarterback calls pressure to turn things around ‘a blessing’

Baker Mayfield: “Everything happens for a reason”
Browns Beat (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Baker Mayfield has at least two things in common with Brandon Weeden.

Both have quarterbacked the Browns, and both are among the few first-round QB’s in NFL history ... six, to be precise ... who’ve played for three head coaches in their first three seasons.

“First of all, that’s a wild stat,” Mayfield said during a zoom meeting on Wednesday. “No, it’s not a defining thing for me. It could be an excuse, but that’s not what I’m doing here. We have a singular focus on what we can do, and that’s the ultimate goal, so move forward.”

He has a far better shot to succeed under this head coach. Kevin Stefanski’s run-first, tight end-heavy offense seems tailor-made for Mayfield.

But the pressure is on. Unlike those other quarterbacks in the ‘three coach club’, Baker was a top overall pick. He, like Myles Garrett, has embraced what that means.

“I truly believe that everything happens for a reason,” Mayfield said. “Myles and I being brought here two years in a row, just to be culture changers, to turn this thing around. It’s not a quick process, but we both felt that we can do more. We’re definitely capable of it. It’s not a burden. That’s a blessing, being able to turn this thing around.”

Nick Chubb is also in his third season, which means he’s also on his third head coach. But he knows it’s a lot tougher on a quarterback.

“I think he handles it well,” Chubb said. "In any situation, he’s always composed. We believe in him. We trust him.

There’s never a question about him being able to handle any situation."

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