Time cover marks nearly 200,000 US COVID-19 deaths, calls response ‘an American failure’

Coronavirus is crashing parties at colleges across America

(CNN) - Time’s new cover is a stark reminder of how tragic and deadly the coronavirus has been and still is. It also calls the U.S. response a failure.

The cover is made up of dates and death counts listed back to back, covering most of the page.

The words and numbers are enlarged and brought forward to form the number 200,000, the number of deaths the country is approaching.

Below that number are the words “An American failure” printed in bold red.

The cover story itself characterizes the U.S. response as “horrifically inadequate.” It points to failures of leadership, and a quote “distrust of scientists, the media and expertise in general.”

The double issue of time magazine for Sept. 21 and 28 hits newsstands Friday.

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