The 2020 football season gives Cleveland sports fans something to look forward to

The 2020 football season gives Cleveland sports fans something to look forward to

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The first Browns game may have been in Baltimore but here in Cleveland fans were ready for football season.

Taylor Mccullough from Harry Buffalo says the season is a much-awaited gift for the city during the painful pandemic.

“Just very excited it’s obviously a very different world that we’re living in but we’re going to try and make it as normal as possible," she said.

The staff has spent the last couple of days decorating so people feel that same adrenaline rush walking through the doors as they would any other year.

And they’ve also taken COVID-19 precautions.

A whole fan cave is dedicated to Browns fans to keep them socially distant while they watch the game.

Seamus Coyne from Nora’s Public House in Willoughby held a Watch party for the game.

He opened up at 8 a.m. expecting an early arrival for football starved fans.

It was made easier he says because of their outdoor patio and his customers following CDC guidelines.

“Don’t get us in trouble when you’re walking around be respectful have your mask, social distance, and you know as long as we don’t get in trouble and no one else gets in trouble than we can all keep doing this in the business," he said.

Ryan Glass says it’s been a difficult year for him as a Cleveland sports fan.

“It sucks I think I miss tailgating the most I go to maybe 2-3 browns games a year so not being able to do that is pretty tough," Glass said.

On Thursday the Browns are at home against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Gov. Mike DeWine said up to 6,000 fans are allowed in.

The Browns lost to the Ravens, 38-6, in the season opener.

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