Some Cleveland Browns fans just happy to see their team take the field even with no fans in the stands

Browns lose against the Ravens 38-6 in Baltimore.

Some Cleveland Browns fans just happy to see their team take the field even with no fans in the stands

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The Cleveland Browns lose their season opener to the Baltimore Ravens 38-6. But some fans say they’re not letting that get them down because at least there’s football.

But there were no fans in the stands in Baltimore. It’s just one of the many safety precautions put in place when it comes to NFL Football, fans, and COVID-19.

We ran into some die-hard fans at the Winking Lizard in downtown Cleveland. The group saying the refuse to let the restrictions get them down, and they’re just forced to come up with a new game plan to cheer on their favorite team at a time when so much has changed.

Stephanie Baker from Cleveland says, "I think it’s very needed during the COVID because it brings us all back together. No matter whether it’s at home, or we’re able to come out to a small establishment. I think it’s wonderful because I think it gives us a little sense of hope that we’re moving forward. Maybe out of this? But even if we’re not. I still give us something to take our minds off of COVID.

But the group says they do miss the comradery of the Dawg Pound, and the tailgating before the games.

Sugar Rae Dykes of Cleveland tells 19 News, “I love them. I’m glad that they’re back on but I do wish we could just tailgate as a community because they’re awesome to me. I don’t care whether they win or lose that’s my team.”

But some say when it comes to the Browns and the game, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Travis Rellic of Mentor says, “Very disappointed. I don’t think Baker’s the guy. His throwing motion doesn’t do it for me. I don’t think he has the athleticism. Hopefully, the Browns can bounce back on Thursday.”

Just like their fans are bouncing back and trying to stay strong during a pandemic, and hoping for plenty to cheer about.

One Browns' fan who says just call him Alfred, had this message for the Browns, “Total team unity, no individual. You’ll win a Super Bowl. Come together.”

Just like Cleveland and a nation have come together to cheer on their teams again, even if it’s from home or a local bar and grille.

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