Bay Village schools return to in-person learning

Bay Village schools return to in-person learning

BAY VILLAGE, Ohio (WOIO) -After two weeks of e-learning, the doors at Normandy Elementary in Bay Village are back open, and parents are sending their students back into the classroom.

“It was really exciting actually. Both kids were up early. They just couldn’t wait to come back" said parent, Meghan Jenkins. "They were having a good time with e-learning, but they really wanted to be back in the building”.

Superintendent Jodie Hausmann tells 19 News only 4% of their students are still participating in e-learning.

The Jenkins family was back in school Monday, and Meghan tells me she made sure her first-grader was ready to handle the new normal.

"It was a lot of, don’t forget to wash your hands, don’t forget to take off your mask when you go to eat, don’t throw it on the floor, make sure you are paying attention " said Jenkins.

Hausmann says a lot went into preparing the buildings so students could come back safely.

They removed more than 400 tables to allow for social distancing and are currently fixing their text message health check system

“We’re doing student health checks every day whether a child is in e-learning or in person" said Hausmann. "And the reason we’re doing those is to make sure parents and families are monitoring how their children are feeling before they come to school and it’s also apart of our attendance plan”.

School officials are paying close attention to COVID-19 trends in the area, and will make the decision to extend in person learning or to return to e-learning on Sept. 24.

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