Cleveland woman shot and killed; residents say she was murdered by elderly neighbor over dog dispute

Cleveland woman shot and killed; residents say she was murdered by elderly neighbor over dog dispute

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A Cleveland woman is dead following a shooting in an East Side neighborhood.

All Cleveland police have confirmed is that a woman was shot and killed on East 93rd Street and Gorman Avenue, but neighbors tell 19 News it was that woman’s neighbor who pulled the trigger, an elderly man who had been involved in a long-time dispute with several people on the block over his aggressive dogs.

Anita Kirk says she and the victim had just come back from the grocery store when they were approached by their elderly neighbor.

“We just come from a grocery store,” said Kirk. “Who deserves that? Coming from a grocery store!”

Kirk says she was arguing with the man from her porch when he shot her friend four or five times in the chest.

“He did it in front of me,” said Kirk. “Me and him was the ones going at it.”

Kirk says that same man shot at her dog the day before, but missed. She says the police were called, but he wasn’t charged.

“He stays next door to me,” said Kirk. “He shoots his gun off on the side of my house. He’s done several things and has it been reported? Yes.”

Multiple neighbors say this man had an ongoing dispute with the victim over his dogs, and 19 News was told his dogs had recently attacked her. Multiple animal control vans were on scene when we arrived.

“Can’t walk down the street because he’d let his dogs out on you,” said Kirk. “Can’t do anything. Why wasn’t it reported when he shot at my dog yesterday? Cause just that quick, it could’ve been me because I was the one who rushed down for my dog when he shot his gun off and we called the police and my friend is dead today.”

Another neighbor, who did not want to be identified, says that elderly man approached him the day before.

“He said he was sick of her, but I didn’t think he would do that. He asked me could he talk to me, I thought he was just venting you know; I was just listening to him and next thing I know, she’s dead.”

Police have not identified the victim or the suspect in this shooting, but Cleveland police did have an elderly man in the back of a police car on scene.

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