Community remembrance honors Cleveland Heights man who was murdered last Saturday

Community remembrance honoring Cleveland Heights man who was murdered last Saturday

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Gun violence is on the rise this summer in Cleveland and many surrounding neighborhoods. This past weekend, another shooting left a man dead and a family consumed by grief.

It’s something that we’ve seen far too many times in our city. A vigil, honoring the life of someone killed in a shooting. Here in Cleveland Heights, the family of Malik Moore gathered to remember a young man who died in a senseless manner.

The grief and pain is still raw.

This past Saturday, 23-year old Moore was murdered in a quiet Cleveland Heights neighborhood. His untimely death blindsided this community.

“He didn’t live the street life. So for us to receive the news of the way he was gunned down, is like really devastating,” says Moore’s aunt, Tanya Randle.

Devastating not just for his family, but his neighborhood. During Monday evening’s vigil, you saw a diverse community: different ages and backgrounds came together, remembering one of their own.

For the family of Malik Moore, the show of support was heartfelt, but it doesn’t take away the heartache of Moore not being here. “I will never be able to see him and grow up to be the man that he was destined to be. He never had any kids. He never had his first car....his own house, he won’t be able to do any of that.”

And the family has one last message for those involved. “I’m so angry right now...and what I have to say, isn’t going to be very, if you’re watching this...look around here! Look at all of these people that’s here. He had people that loved him.”

To add onto the grief, no one has stepped forward with information about what happened on that night.

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