Political sign stealing reaches new disturbing level in Medina

Biden supporters received letters in the mail calling them anti-American after their yard signs were stolen.

Political sign stealing reaches new disturbing level in Medina

MEDINA, Ohio (WOIO) - Stealing political signs is something that has become, unfortunately, just a routine part of any local or national political season.

But it appears that now simply stealing a sign is not enough for some who really want to make their political point, and in this case, dozens of letters were sent out to Joe Biden supporters.

Susan Russell, of Medina, was not happy, but did not think much of it when her Joe Biden sign went missing from her front yard, and so she went out and got a handful of replacements in case it happened again.

“It’s absolutely worth me having a sign, and I am doing all that I can for my candidate,” she said.

But a few days after her sign was stolen she received a letter in the mail that began, “You are anti-American loving to see the burning of cities led by your Democratic partners, maybe Medina can see demonstrations like Portland on a nightly basis,” and the letter went on for 3 pages.

Russell was at first stunned and then frightened.

“I was a little afraid because I thought: ‘Is there somebody in my neighborhood, that would take my political opinions and do something awful to me,’” she said.

Russell felt better, from a threat standpoint, at least, that she wasn’t being singled out when she learned, from the chairperson of the Medina County Democratic Party, Mike Kovack, that over 100 people in Medina County had received the same letter.

“I think we really need to get back to civility where people work together across party lines for the good of our country,” he said.

Kovack released a statement acknowledging that he does not believe, “that these actions represent the majority of our Republican brethren in the county.”

But Kovack was clear that he believed it was a clear case of political intimidation and that the Medina County Democratic Party was offering two rewards for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the people involved.

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