Sign outside former Ohio City hot dog shop blames millennials for restaurant’s closure

Sign outside of former Ohio City hot dog shop blames millennials for restaurant's closure

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - You may remember the flashy hot dog sign that used to hang above the longtime hot dog shop in Ohio City on Lorain Avenue.

Now, there’s a different sign in front of the restaurant and it says “Closed.”

“It was just a gathering place for the neighborhood. People came there to socialize and to eat hot dogs. Who doesn’t love a hot dog?," said Timothy Yanko, owner of the All Things for You Antique Shop.

The Ohio City staple shut down back in March, but a sign placed in front of the building last week caught plenty of attention online.

Someone painted the sign and put it in front of where the restaurant used to be.

The message was clear: Millennials killed Old Fashioned Hot Dogs.

Yanko is the co-owner of the antique shop just down the street on Lorain Avenue.

The old sign is in his shop.

Yanko said there’s no need to put any blame on any group for the hot dog shop closing.

He said the owners just decided it was time.

“The family was ready to retire. We knew they were leaving the neighborhood. We we’re sad about them leaving the neighborhood. It was the right thing to do for their family," he added.

Yanko said while it broke his heart to see another business in the neighborhood close, he stays hopeful the area will bounce back.

“As businesses close, there are new businesses opening. There’s new condos and apartments are going up everywhere on every corner here,” said Yanko.

Now, folks in the neighborhood are waiting to see will be done with the hot dog shop’s former space.

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