19 Troubleshooter: Laundry out of service at Shaker Square apartment building for several months

19 Troubleshooter: Laundry out of service at Shaker Square apartment building for several months

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A number of apartment dwellers in Cleveland’s Shaker Square neighborhood say they have been left without proper laundry services for nearly six months.

Juanita Echols reached out to the 19 News Troubleshooter Tipline, explaining that the pay box in the laundry room at The Residences at Shaker Square was removed back in March.

“We don’t know who to call [or] how to fight this fight, but we’ve got to fight. So that’s why I [called] channel 19,” Echols said.

The management company, Westlake-based Banyan Living, said it had to be removed after someone broke into the facility and vandalized the cash-filled box in a presumed theft attempt.

“We are aware and diligently working on the replacement laundry system,” said Emily Truex, the Vice President of Operations for the company, who noted the pay box was actually removed in May. “Since then we have been at the mercy of the laundry system [service company] CSC Service Works since their system is proprietary.”

“Early on CSC stated they had a 10-12 week install period since part of their teams were furloughed resulting from Covid. In the meantime they have also expressed their sorrow for staffing turnover and shortages that continue to delay the installation,” Truex added. “I cannot express enough how sympathetic we are for the ongoing inconvenience of our residents & neighbors. We have a neighboring community across the street that we have granted all residents access to in the interim as an alternative while we continue to pressure the vendor for the permanent resolution.”

But for elderly residents, even that can be difficult.

“I try to put up with it, but it’s getting hard,” said 94-year-old Hattie Smith.

“How is she going to go across the street and walk?” asked Elaine Bailey. Smith’s daughter who also lives in the building.

In the meantime, neighbors say they simply want answers.

“It’s just... exhausting,” Echols said.

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