Kent State University Rock to stay after school now promises action against racism

Kent State University Rock to stay after school now promises action against racism
"The Rock" at Kent State defaced with "Blacks Have No Home Here" message. Kent State promised action to combat racism on campus. (Source: WOIO)

KENT, Ohio (WOIO) - Kent State University is promising changes after The Rock on campus was repeatedly painted with messages targeted toward Black students.

University President Todd Diacon released a list of actions Kent State is saying it will take to ensure racist messages do not continue to show up on the campus Rock.

Those actions steps are:

  • Installation of security cameras
  • Increase lighting around the Rock
  • Hire more security aides and expand hours for student escort services, including providing these services during the day
  • Promote and enlist the support of Black United Students to enhance the recruitment and retention of students
  • Anti-bias training for faculty, staff and students
  • Conduct a formal review of the Student Code of Conduct
  • Implement policies and procedures for painting the Rock
  • Explore the creation of a platform for notifying students, faculty and staff about hate speech/acts
  • Create a platform/website for anti-racism statements, announcements and actions of the university
  • Explore off-campus and on-campus police relationship

Diacon said the list was created with the help of the Black United Students group on the Kent campus.

Over the past few weeks, messages including “White Lives Matter” and “blacks have no home here” were painted over “Black Lives Matter” and “hate has no home here” on The Rock.

The messages led some students to hold rallies and protests against inequality on campus.

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