Extra $300 unemployment checks beginning to appear in some claimants’ bank accounts

Extra $300 unemployment checks beginning to appear in some claimants’ bank accounts

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Some unemployment claimants tell 19 Investigates that extra funds are beginning to hit their accounts.

The money comes from an executive order Trump signed this summer, after a measure providing an extra $600 expired in July.

Renee George is one of the first claimants to have it in hand.

“I received it on the 15th,” she said.

But, we discovered only one eligible group of claimants is receiving the additional checks right now.

We’ve found those who are in the traditional unemployment system, have yet to see additional money.

The confusion comes as many claimants continue the struggle to navigate the system in general.

“The phone lines need to be open for people to call and take care of that, not for them to answer the question about when am I getting my $300,” George said.

George says she’s back to work, but she’s still eligible for a small amount of money from the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program.

Ohio created the PUA system for claimants who are self-employed or part time and not eligible for regular unemployment.

George says she’s the only one in her household who’s received the extra $300.

“I’m the only one on PUA,” she said.

Her son and her fiancé receive regular unemployment.

“So, now you have all of these people on regular unemployment who are all angry, because they are not getting it yet, and the PUA [claimants] are,” George said.

19 Investigates asked Ohio’s Department of Job and Family Services why and whether the money is getting sent out in a particular order.

The state has yet to respond.

“No one knows,” George said.

It’s unclear how many $300 weekly payments Ohio claimants will receive, before the federal funding in the executive order runs out.

George says she’s gotten deposits three days in a row this week, as backpay for weeks beginning with August 1.

But again, we are still waiting to hear when regular claimants will start to see money come through.

George says it would be a huge help to have some clarity on the process.

“I think that would calm people down, instead of having everyone ask the same question over and over again on Facebook groups to people who don’t really know the answer,” she said.

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