Speed camera critic claims $10,000 in tickets sent out in retaliation, Newburgh Heights says he’s known about them

Newburgh Heights denies retaliation for post, calls him dishonest

Speed camera critic says $10,000 in tickets sent out in retaliation, Newburgh Heights says he’s known about them

NEWBURGH HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - Robert Rash uses his social media channels to document his life, using one post to call a speed camera operator on I-77 a vile name.

“On Sept. 3rd, I said not such a nice thing about the radar cop that sits up here on the bridge, just sits up here spreading his misery with the radar gun as fast as he can pull the trigger," Rash said. “Why, on Sept. 4th, they felt the need to issue nearly 50 collection notices and I never received one prior to that? Weird timing, who knows?”

A third-party debt collection agency, Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA, said the Village of Newburgh Heights is a new client and they received thousands of outstanding tickets from the Village in late August, sending them out on Sept.

Rash still questions the timing.

“I call a man a name and exercising my First Amendment right and all of a sudden, oh, here’s ten thousand dollars of unpaid fines and speeding tickets," he said. “To me, it seems a lot like retaliation.”

Newburgh Heights Mayor Trevor Elkins wrote, figuratively, no so fast.

"Mr. Rash claims he did not receive any notice and was unaware of the violations. To be blunt, this is dishonest. Mr. Rash himself scheduled a hearing in April 2017 and then did not appear.

“Newburgh Heights finds it an impossibility that Mr. Rash did not receive at least 1 of the over 200 notifications sent and he himself confirms this with his communications to the Village.”

Rash admitted he did respond to a citation in 2017, but hasn’t received any other notifications since then.

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