Record low temperatures possible this weekend in Cleveland, Akron, Canton

Record low temperatures possible this weekend in Cleveland, Akron, Canton

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - When you think of late summer, you may think of long, lazy afternoons at Edgewater Beach, or the sweet taste of cold, creamy Mitchell’s ice cream.

You probably don’t think about frost, or record low temperatures.

At least I don’t.

Unfortunately, for those of us who live for summer, we’ll have to wait until next week for warmer-than-average temperatures, or even just seasonable weather.

Temperatures will be falling into the low 40s on Friday night into Saturday morning.

Some inland areas may fall into the 30s.

Is this record territory?

It is.

Saturday’s record low temperature in Cleveland is 40 degrees (1973).

Saturday morning’s forecast low temperature is 41 degrees.

We will definitely be cutting it close.

There is a better bet that we’ll break a record low temperature at Akron-Canton on Saturday morning.

Mostly clear skies on Friday night will allow inland areas to fall into the upper 30s.

Saturday morning’s record low temperature in Akron is 39 degrees (1956).

Saturday morning’s forecast low temperature in Akron is also 39 degrees.

With temperatures falling below 40 degrees in many areas on Friday night, gardeners will want to take measures to protect tender vegetation.

Patchy frost is very possible on Saturday morning, especially inland, away from Lake Erie.

Doesn’t it seem a bit early for this kind of chill?

It does, and it is early.

As the above graphic insinuates, if we see frost in Cleveland on Saturday morning (September 19th), that would be the earliest first frost on record in Cleveland.

Given Cleveland’s proximity to Lake Erie, I’m thinking that most of our patchy frost will be inland.

Time will tell.

Saturday morning won’t be our only colder-than-average morning either.

Temperatures will fall into the low and mid 40s on Sunday morning, Monday morning, and Tuesday morning.

Most of the record low temperatures for Sunday and Monday are in the 30s.

However, we could challenge a few record low temperatures on Tuesday morning.

At this time, our forecast low temperature in Cleveland on Tuesday morning is 40 degrees.

The record low temperature is 36 degrees (1904).

That will be a tough record to break, but Akron-Canton does stand a chance.

The record low temperature there on Tuesday is 38 degrees (1999).

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