Police and firefighters in Lorain in line for Covid-related hazard pay bonuses

Lorain Mayor Jack Bradley believes the added stress and threat of being a first responder during the pandemic warrants the hazard pay.

Police and firefighters in Lorain in line for Covid-related hazard pay bonuses

LORAIN, Ohio (WOIO) - The dangers and stress for police and firefighters have skyrocketed during the pandemic, from what most readily acknowledge where already significantly high levels.

That is the opinion of Lorain Mayor Jack Bradley, who says the crime stats in the city make it easy to see the stress level that the community, and then ultimately the police, are working through.

Bradley says cases of domestic violence, assault and menacing are all up significantly, and that for police those types of cases often end up in intense confrontations.

“Many times people are crying, people are yelling, police have to have close contact with people often times going into the residence,” Bradley said.

And the same is true for firefighters, who are running into life threatening situations.

In response Bradley has decided to use Federal Cares Act Funds on hazard pay for police and firefighters.

Police officers in Lorain will receive $5,000 bonuses and 100 hours of compensatory time off, and firefighters will receive $6,000 bonuses as they are unable, contractually, to receive additional time off.

All worth it Mayor Bradley believes, when you also consider the threat from Covid does not end when the shift ends.

“They have to go home to their families and possibly expose their wives, their children even their mothers and fathers,” Bradley said.

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