Balloon release marks grim anniversary of 4 found murdered in vacant Cleveland home

No arrests and no motive in the case one year later.

Balloon release marks grim anniversary of 4 found murdered in vacant Cleveland home

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Monday, September 21st, marks one year since two young couples were found dead in an abandoned home, in Cleveland’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood.

All four victims were shot to death multiple times, one of them was pregnant. All left to die in an abandoned home and the killer or killers is still free.

On Sunday, one victim’s family and loved ones held a balloon release to remember all the lives that were lost, with hopes of bringing attention back to the case that to this day is unsolved.

Denise Galloway is a friend of victim Jazmyne Lawson’s biological mother. Galloway cried as she shouted, “How unjust Cleveland. Four people, a $10,000 Reward and nobody has said a thing. Why? Who in the hell did this?”

But there are no answers one year later.

The victims: Christopher Monroe, 23; DeJuan Willis, 20; Aiyanna Quitman, 19; and Jaymyne Lawson, 18. Lawson was six-months pregnant with a baby girl when she was shot multiple times.

The bodies were discovered at 3616 E. 144th Street after several calls to police about a strong odor coming from the home. Relatives say it’s believed the bodies had been there about two weeks.

Tina Britton is the biological mother of Jazmyne Lawson and couldn’t hold back the tears at the mention of her name, “Please, please find answers. Please. You shouldn’t have to see your child on a flyer. It shouldn’t have to be a year later and you still don’t have any answers.”

But she’s determined to put the case back in the public eye, by releasing balloons in memory of the young lives lost here. Hoping someone knows something and will have the courage to speak up. “A year later four families don’t have justice. Four families,” Britton said.

For Denise Lawson, the woman who adopted Jazmyne as a baby the pain of the loss is still real every single day.

“I’m still looking for her to come to the door and say what’s for dinner mom? What are we having? It still hasn’t set in with me,” Denise Lawson said.

And as the group of family and friends chanted “Justice for Jazmyne,” they released about 30 balloons in to the sky. They also chanted the names of all the victims as the balloons floated into the sky.

Now the group says they just pray that one day soon they’ll know who is responsible for the brutal murders of four young lives and an unborn child, as well as why they did it.

Cleveland Police at this time have not returned a call for comment. But the family says while there are a lot of theories out there, the motive remains unclear.

A $10,000 Reward is being offered by the prosecutor’s office and Crime Stoppers for any information that leads to arrests and convictions in this case.

The Crime Stoppers Tip Line number is: (216) 252-7463.

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