University of Akron students determined to make their mark in election

University of Akron students determined to make their mark in election

AKRON, Ohio (WOIO) - Tuesday was National Voter Registration Day and college students all over the U.S. are taking steps for the big vote in November.

“We live in a democracy, so its people’s civic responsibility to get out to the polls and to cast their vote, that’s upholding American values at its core,” said student Robert Gray.

Amid concerns over voting rights and voter suppression, students at the University of Akron say voting is not only their right, but also their responsibility.

“It is one of the most important things to ensure there’s accountability in government, and it’s the cornerstone of democracy,” said student Sarah Orahoske.

Why are people putting in so much effort to make sure college students are registered, and that they get to the polls?

Well, for some of these students it’ll be their first time voting.

“Many of them have concerns, and have viewpoints that may not be represented by people who have been out of education for a while,” said Matt Akers, public liaison to the university president.

“There’s more than just politics to voting, it encompasses housing, it encompasses taxes, it encompasses reform, and all of these things resonates with an individual differently,” said Gray.

The university is not only tabling in person, but virtually too. They insist they’re not allowing COVID-19 restriction to hold them back.

“We’re blasting out to over 11,000 students from our mobile app, encouraging them to register and encouraging them to vote,” said Akers.

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