Victim in KSU ‘peeping Tom’ case says she was not notified of court date, prosecutor disagrees

Portage County prosecutor says victims were notified and produced correspondence to back that claim up.

Victim in KSU 'peeping Tom' case says she was not notified of court date, prosecutor disagrees

PORTAGE COUNTY, Ohio (WOIO) - Steven Franzreb was sentenced on Monday to probation, with strict guidelines to stay in mental health counseling, after he admitted that in 2 instances he walked onto the porches of Kent State University sorority houses, in a Speedo, and peered into the windows.

Michelle Criss, the former president of Delta Gamma at Kent State is upset because she says that she and her sorority sisters were not notified of the sentencing date and therefore were not given the opportunity to appear in court.

“I definitely would have answered, I wouldn’t have ignored this because it caused so much trauma in my life and the girls life around me,” Criss said.

Criss, now a grad student at Oklahoma State University, saw a 19 News story and contacted us with her complaint.

“I don’t know if they forgot about us, I don’t know what it was but it’s their job to reach out to us,” she said.

But Portage County Prosecutor Victor Vigluicci told 19 News that the prosecutors office did reach out to Criss on multiple occasions.

The prosecutor produced six e-mails that were sent to the women in the sorority.

But Criss stood by her contention that she never received those e-mails.

Judge Rebecca Doherty told 19 News that she would have liked to have heard from the victims, but based on the law and the degree of the offense, their presence at the hearing would not have changed her sentence.

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