Cleveland Browns’ Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt ‘the key to our offense,' says Jarvis Landry

Browns receivers take pride in running backs

Browns on offense

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The NFL may be a pass-happy league, but it’s the one-two punch of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt that’s going to drive this train.

“It really is the key to our offense,” Jarvis Landry said on Thursday. “We all know what they can do with the ball in their hands.”

We also know what Landry and OBJ can do with the ball in their hands.

So how do they stay patient, until their moments come?

“When you’ve got a lot of Pro Bowl-caliber players on one team, be unselfish and understand that when a ball comes your way, take advantage of your opportunities, whether there be few or many,” Landry said. “I think the guys in this building understand that.”

Such as OBJ’s home run against the Bengals. Success on the ground led to success in the air.

“Sometimes when those plays are called, you just know like ‘alright, here’s your opportunity’,” Beckham said. “Those moments are exciting. It’s gotten to the point where it’s not so nerve-racking anymore. They’re exciting ... ‘here’s your chance’ ... and we hit it.”

Kevin Stefanski says he’s not caught up in trying to balance the workload.

“Opportunities in the passing game, they’re there one week, the next week they’re not,” the head coach said.

But when it comes to the run, who’s going to stop these guys?

“With Chubb and Kareem, I mean, they have all the ability in the world,” Joel Bitonio said. “It’s 'how much are we gonna give ‘em?’. Because sometimes they make things out of things we don’t block for them.”

“There’s still a lot of things we’re working through, working out,” Landry said. “I will say, the coaches and players recognize what we need to do to make sure we’re in the best position to win each game.”

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