CMSD adding DrumFIT cardio program to gym class upon return to in-person learning

CMSD adding DrumFIT cardio program to gym class upon return to in-person learning

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -The Cleveland Metropolitan School District is encouraging kids to march to their own beat with a new partnership launched to keep students' minds and bodies active upon returning to in-person learning.

CMSD and DrumFIT have teamed up to give kids in Cleveland a chance to make some noise and get some exercise.

Upon their return to the school buildings, students will be participating in the cardio drumming program.

Through this newly-launched partnership all K-8 schools in the district will be outfitted with DrumFIT equipment-- exercise balls, stands and drum sticks.

The physical education teachers will incorporate this socially distant physical activity into their classes.

“It’s an educational activity which will generate their brain into learning so they can learn better. But it’s also an activity where we can practice those COVID safe distances and they can even wear their masks,” said Desiree Powell, Flexible Content Expert with CMSD.

When students return to school buildings at CMSD they'll have a fun new program to get them engaged in physical activity...

Posted by Jen Picciano Cleveland 19 on Friday, September 25, 2020

This approach isn’t limited to cardio drumming, according to Mary Baumann with DrumFIT.

She says given what students have been through they’ll need the stress relief, team-building and confidence-building elements the program incorporates, along with the social-emotional wellness tune up.

“Social-emotional learning is about building self esteem, building self confidence, building connectiveness to the community and to your school,” she said.

The curriculum aligns with state and federal physical education standards.

“It’s like being in a big band. Everyone participates, everyone is on the team. Cardio drumming is a classroom physical activity that every child in the room is going to succeed. Every child in the room feels like they contributed and that they were successful,” she said.

CMSD received a federal grant that will pay for the licensing of this program along with a sets of exercise balls, stands and sticks for more than 60 schools.

Powell says this will help students return to in-person learning successfully.

“They’re going to be shocked. They’re going to be excited. It’s going to be like opening Christmas gifts,” she said.

The teachers will get continued education on this and they hope to incorporate families into this program as well.

A decision on when or whether in person learning will resume is expected from CMSD CEO, Eric Gordon on early October.

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