Cuyahoga County Board of Elections clears up poll worker confusion

Cuyahoga County Board of Elections clears up poll worker confusion

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Cuyahoga County Board of Elections took to social media Friday looking for some help on Election Day.

Director Anthony Perlatti started off a 10-minute Facebook Live saying, “The Board of Elections is definitely in need of poll workers for the upcoming Presidential General Election Nov. 3.”

The board didn’t help themselves with an email blast that accidentally went out saying the county had enough volunteers. When asked by a reporter why those emails went out, they didn’t have any answers.

Right now, they still need about 1,000 poll workers. Perlatti said, “As we fill positions on a daily basis, we also unfortunately have individuals who have changed their mind and no longer will be working for various reasons. They now maybe have another commitment on election day.”

Deputy Director Shantiel Soeder, explained there’s a process they go through once your application is submitted. “The first thing that we have to do is ensure that the person is actually a registered voter and that requires staff to go through the verification process in our voter registration system. We have to go through and make sure that the political party of the individual that’s on file is going to maintain that political balance at the polling location,” said Soeder.

Perlatti and Soeder said returning poll workers get preference, but the goal is to place everyone close to where they live. "For all of you who have applied and are waiting to hear from us, we want to say, “Thank You,” said Perlatti.

If you applied to be a poll worker, you’ll soon get instructions on what you have to do next.

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