Cleveland hotel manager says this could’ve been a big week for Cleveland with the presidential debate, Indians playoff games, but because of COVID-19 they are seeing almost no impacts

Cleveland hotel manager says this could’ve been a big week for city with the presidential debate

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - If we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic, this would’ve been a very busy week for Cleveland.

The Indians are playing the New York Yankees in the playoffs all this week, there is a presidential debate Tuesday and football season has started.

Bill Reed is the General Manager of the Aloft Hotel in Downtown Cleveland. He said if this was pre-pandemic, his hotel would be bustling with guests, but instead downtown is quiet.

“You’d be staying down in Strongsville probably if you wanted to get a room coming into town,” Reed said. “Downtown would be completely full.”

In past years when political events like the RNC came to town his rooms were all booked, but Tuesday’s presidential debate is not bringing in much of anyone because of the COVID restrictions.

“RNC leading up to that, 12, 18 months prior the hotel was completely sold out, entirely committed, and ended up filling 100% with 50,000 plus people in town,” Reed explained.

The Indians playing the New York Yankees in the playoffs doesn’t help traffic at Reed’s hotel either since no fans are allowed inside progressive field and Sundays are still pretty quiet in the Flats because of the restrictions on fans at Browns games.

“We would’ve been sold out the second this debate was announced, the second the Indians hit the playoffs, there’s a whole lot of things that would’ve filled my hotel with a totally different revenue stream vs what we’re looking at now for sure,” said Reed.

Reed says they are at about 40% occupancy right now. Usually for this time of year they would be at 80-90%. He’s also been forced to lower his rates significantly. For example, for a browns home game pre-COVID you’d pay about 250 a night, now rooms are going for 100 bucks when the Browns play.

“We are the closest hotel to the stadium,” Reed said. “Years past we sell out literally in May the day the schedule comes out we would sell out normally every single home game, all 8 home games would be a sellout.”

Reed says the only impacts he has seen related to the debate are a couple of national and international news crews checking into his hotel.

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