Cleveland leaders prepare for presidential debate protests, and urge public to stay calm

Cleveland prepares for presidential debate protests

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Not a single group pulled a permit to hold a protest during Tuesday night’s presidential debate at the Cleveland Clinic, but Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson still expects plenty of protesters in and around the area, and says the city is ready to make sure those protests stay peaceful.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine is also well aware of what can happen during a presidential debate, and he’s granted the city of Cleveland’s request to send in 300 members from the Ohio National Guard

The Secret Service has built a perimeter around the debate venue, and the Cleveland Division of Police will be the lead agency for safety and security outside of the perimeter.

No one wants a repeat of the May 30 protests that turned into a riot on the streets of Cleveland and left windows smashed and businesses destroyed.

“Cleveland has been a peaceful city lately so let’s keep it that way and show the people the way Cleveland is,” Jackson said. “I will say that as time has gone on since May 30, there’s been multiple protests all over the city of Cleveland, both in downtown and neighborhoods and even in front of my house and so all of those have gone well.”

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