Dozens of cars vandalized, had their windows broken, on Cleveland’s west side

Dozens of cars broken into along Cleveland's Cudell neighborhood

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Kris Jones had two of his vehicles vandalized.

“Come out in the morning, looked at the car window busted out.”

Jones saw 19 News Reporter Harry Boomer, who was following up on a tip that there have been dozens of cars targeted in a recent spree.

We obtained video of the suspects with baseball bats. They walked westbound on Willard and then turned north on West 93rd near the Brick Lofts Apartments at the old Historic West Tech High School.

Like thieves in the night they went from car to car, doing their dirty work.

“Yesterday, windows got busted out again. 62 cars got busted out. Windows everywhere, every single car,” said Jones.

One, two, three broken out car windows and that doesn’t even begin to tell the story of how many car owners had their vehicles vandalized, including Kris Jones. He believes the culprits are most likely kids looking to steal spare change. And he is demanding something be done to stop it.

“You need people surveilling this area. This is bad, and I’ve been here for two months. I haven’t even paid my second month’s rent yet and to have windows busted out two times in the same week.”

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