Bishop Edward Malesic honors COVID-19 caregivers at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center

Bishop Edward Malesic gave a message of love & hope at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - It was a celebration of unconditional love at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center.

Two weeks into his new position in Cleveland, Bishop Edward Malesic joined in on the fun to honor the COVID- 19 caregivers with a meal for his first public visit in the city.

The bishop says he too has changed his work routine because of the pandemic.

“I’m learning about small groups what small groups of priests are doing and getting out and doing the work but in small groups," he said.

The caregivers have had a crazy year.

Selflessly working long hours during the pandemic.

Today it’s their turn to be appreciated.

“They came out they said I don’t care I need to be where people need help obviously they want to take care of their own health they need to be safe but they stepped up to the plate when we needed them the most." said the Bishop.

Nurse Manager Melanie Fenske said 2020 has been a scary ride with many ups and downs.

But she says this tremendous effort from the hospital has lifted up her spirits during these uncertain times.

“Feels great feels nice that our employer takes the time to show appreciation for us and have leadership serving," she said.

The Bishop says he’s been enjoying giving strength to those that are going through personal hardships.

“I was able to pray with a person who’s having surgery tomorrow so that’s what we do," he said.

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