49 dead cats removed, 161 felines rescued from ‘pet sanctuary’ in Concord Township

More Than 160 Cats Rescued From A Home In Painesville

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Pet lovers are sick to their stomach all throughout Northeast Ohio after learning that 161 cats had to be rescued from a home labeled as “Caroline’s Kids Pet Rescue & Sanctuary.”

“This is one of the worst cases we’ve had," said Lori Caszatt, of the Lake Humane Society.

The cats were discovered damaged and abused at the facility in Concord Township on Friday.

Of the over 200 cats taken from the home, 161 managed to be saved in a frantic rescue effort by the Lake Humane Society and the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

They are being treated for various conditions, including respiratory infections, flea infestations, and ringworm.

The other 49 felines were found dead in the home.

Pictures delivered to 19 News from the Lake Humane Society don’t illustrate the worst or even tell the full story.

Pets seized by Lake Humane Society
Pets seized by Lake Humane Society (Source: Lake Humane Society)

Had it not been for a tip from a concerned citizen, chances are more animals would have died.

Caszatt is the director of Marketing and Community Partnerships with the humane society and she’s grateful someone alerted the agency of some suspicious activity taking place.

John and his wife Janet are frustrated emotionally that this happened near their home.

Janet was mortified by it all: “It’s terrible. I don’t know what to say, it’s heartbreaking."

Police won’t say much because this is an ongoing investigation.

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