Cleveland Police release 911 calls from the night Det. James Skernivitz and another man were murdered

Cleveland Police release 911 calls from the night Det. James Skernivitz and 2nd man were murdered

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - 19 News Investigators obtained new records in the murder case of a Cleveland detective and one other man.

In them are the 911 calls from the night of the deadly shooting.

It’s heartbreaking, listening to the 911 calls that came in from the West Side neighborhood, while already knowing the devastating outcome of that night.

Two people dialed 911 in the moments after the gunfire that ultimately turned a playground into a memorial site.

“I just heard about 8 shots from an automatic,” one witness said. “I think you need to send a car over here.”

“There is a vehicle. It crashed into a fence and it’s into a playground,” another said when he called in. "I don’t know what the hell is going on.”

One of the callers, is apparently familiar with officers in his community, telling dispatchers, “All the cops know me ... in a good way.”

He would come to find out hours later, that it was a law enforcement officer who lost his life.

Police say Detective James Skernivitz and his passenger Scott Dingess were killed in the middle of an undercover drug operation.

Sources tell 19 News both men were mic’ed up, leading officers and FBI agents to respond quickly after the shots fired.

Several suspects are charged in the case tonight. Some are juveniles.

It remains unclear how or if they knew they were shooting at a law enforcement officer that night.

As there are multiple suspects in this case right now, we are keeping track of several court dates for you.

Two of the adult suspects tied to the case have a hearing Thursday.

You can depend on us for continuing coverage of the case.

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