Cleveland Police looking for victim after video of assault goes viral

Police looking for victim after video of assault goes viral

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A video filled with violence is circling the internet and leaving Cleveland residents shocked.

The video shows a man yelling and hitting a woman in a gas station.

The woman eventually falls and seconds later the man repeatedly stomps on the woman’s head.

It happened on Cleveland’s East Side, at the Gas USA off of St. Claire Avenue on Sunday morning.

Police are now asking for your help in identifying the victim.

They want to talk to her about who did it and why.

So far the video has had over 1,000 views and shares, and the comments are filled with disgust.

People are asking why no one stepped in and why the owners of the gas station stood by.

Since the video surfaced, other social media posts depicting the attacker have also come out.

Police wouldn’t comment but the people posting say the woman in it didn’t know the man and could be a minor.

So what happens next?

Police say the prosecutor will take up the case whether or not the victim comes forward.

But by all accounts talking to her will definitely help their case.

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