Will Cuyahoga County vote to pass new levy? Cleveland Metropolitan School District hopes they do

Will community vote to pass new levy? Schools system hopes they do

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Issue 68 will be one of the topics Cuyahoga County voters will get to decide on in November.

“We are not out scaring people or threatening people we’re out to pass issue 68,” said Cleveland Metropolitan School District CEO Scott Gordon.

“It’s not a good time to be asking for a levy,” said Ms. Mack.

“This levy has been in place for eight years, and levies don’t increase over time even though other things like our rent has,” said Gordon. “We knew if we passed it without an increase, we would still have to make some programming cuts.”

The current levy funnels more than $60 million to the CMSD operating budget.

Ms. Mack, who has a background in education, told 19 News she’s not voting for the increased levy, despite voting for the current one.

“I thought it was going to make a difference, I thought it was going to keep schools open, I thought it was going to get actual books I thought it was going to do something actually for the students,” said Mack.

CEO Gordon said without the levy, the district could experience deep cuts, including losing more schools and more staff.

“Going back to larger classroom sizes again, cutting things like extra curricular’s, early childhood education and things of that nature,” said Gordon.

Mack told 19 News she received a postcard in the mail last week, urging her and others to vote against the levy.

When we inspected the card, it didn’t show the organizers behind it.

The new levy asks for an average homeowner to give seven more dollars a month to the cause.

“They keep telling us we’re impoverished, you know we’re broke, but then you’re always asking us for money,” said Mack.

“If we actually want to keep the progress we’ve made, that increase in the graduation rate from 52 percent when we started to 80 percent today and all the other progress we have to have a slight increase,” said Gordon.

But the choice is up to you, spend now on the future of our kids or wait to see how deep the cuts may be.

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