Gov. Mike DeWine: Rising COVID-19 numbers in Ohio are ‘very concerning’

Highest number of counties in Level 3 since late July.

Gov. Mike DeWine: Rising COVID-19 numbers in Ohio are ‘very concerning’

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - It’s not yet considered another wave of the pandemic, but Governor Mike DeWine went as far as saying the latest rise in cases is like a “fire flaring up.”

He says the reasons are driven by everyday activities: Backyard barbeques, meeting up with friends, birthday parties and weddings, and funerals.

Gov. DeWine, speaking impassionate on Thursday, saying the latest numbers are a “gut punch.”

And Thursday’s numbers are alarming. 18 Ohio counties now at Level 3 status. That’s the highest number of counties since the week of July 23. There are 58 orange counties or Level 2. That’s highest ever. In half of those new red counties, the increase in cases is connected to funerals and weddings.

DeWine tells a story about an Ohio gathering, with tragic results. “Somewhere in Ohio...a wedding took place... a lot of people. And ended up with two of the grandfathers of the couple who died as a result of COVID. It’s just horrible.” said Gov. DeWine.

DeWine says health departments he spoke to say they’re seeing a rise in cases because residents are becoming too comfortable. “Lax social distancing, not enough people wearing masks, not enough following quarantining, isolation guidance.”

The Gov. said that folks just simply need to re-adjust their everyday routine, after the initial start of the pandemic. He added, “We can live with this virus, but we just got to be careful.”

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