Landry grateful to team up with “very special” Beckham

Longtime friends making huge impact for 3-1 Browns

Landry grateful to team up with “very special” Beckham
Browns Beat regular season (Source: woio)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - You know Jarvis dreamed of a day like this. A new milestone, his 100th consecutive game. Ending with a win. Thanks in large part to him and his best friend, who were both phenomenal, and who hooked up for the Browns' first touchdown.

“We practice this play over and over and over,” Landry said during a zoom meeting on Thursday. “And I just knew in my head that no matter what, I’m just throwing him the ball.”

It was the best throw of the day, by the way. And he felt it.

“I’m not lying to you guys, I had the worst two days of my life with my lat,” Landry said with a laugh. “It was sore, sore as hell.”

But no way he was feeling pain on Sunday. Not with the display his sidekick was putting on. Three touchdowns, including the move that turned a possible 14 yard loss into a 50 yard game-sealing dash.

“I haven’t seen plays like that in the NFL in a long time,” Landry said. “Only special guys make those plays, and he’s very special.”

“I’ve just been waiting,” Beckham says. “I know what I’m capable of doing any given time I’m on the field.”

Landry said he hasn’t seen Odell this content, healthy and focused since their days at LSU.

“Probably college,” Landry said.

“I’d probably agree with that,” Beckham says.

Beckham’s first three years in the NFL were far more explosive than his past three. Injuries played a big role in that, but still, some needed a reminder that OBJ is still one of the game’s best.

Landry didn’t.

“You guys know as well as I do, it should never have been a conversation that he’s not an elite player anymore,” Landry said.

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