The NFL and the Covid crisis

Can league keep season on track?

Browns discuss COVID

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Two days ago, Baker was blunt when asked about Covid cases rising in the NFL.

“To me, it is not that damn hard,” Mayfield said. “Just wear your masks. We all want to play football. Everybody has to do it. Just do it.”

But ... is everybody doing it? The Tennessee Titans have had 23 positive tests in the past two weeks, disrupting their, and more unfairly, their opponents' schedules.

The Bills not only had to push this weekend’s game against the Titans to next Tuesday ... but their Thursday night game next week to the following Sunday.

And ... as more and more cases emerge, it’s going to get tougher, because now the bye weeks have started, meaning less flexibility.

So how does the NFL keep this season from going off the rails?

Well, the good news is, the numbers are still heavily in their favor. Only eleven players tested positive last week, and most of 'em play for the Titans. The league is investigating the Titans, while the majority of the teams who are doing things right watch from afar.

“Outside of this building, it is kind of hard to know if everybody is doing the necessary things, but I know inside of this building, we are doing the necessary things to make sure we can play football because ultimately that is what we want to do,” Jarvis Landry said.

How will the league punish the teams that aren’t doing it right? Certainly with a hefty fine, but is that enough? Some want those teams to forfeit games instead of postpone them, but as a viewer pointed out to me, that gives an unfair edge to the opponent. In other words, would you really have been happy seeing the Steelers get a “W” last week because the Titans were forced to forfeit?

It’s not going to be easy, but like everyone else in 2020, these teams will continually have to adjust. Today, the New York Jets were sent home after a player tested positive.

Just hold on, and hope it stays on the tracks.

“Yes, something we focused on especially this year was embracing the suck,” David Njoku said. “Obviously, we are dealing with a lot of complications going on in this world, and it is our job to focus on what is at hand and the task at hand, which is playing football and winning games. We have to just enjoy that.”

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