Rapid, mass COVID-19 testing starts at Kent State University

Rapid, mass COVID-19 testing starts at Kent State University

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Over the last few months, several residence halls have found themselves under quarantine after many of their students had been exposed to the coronavirus.

“When we see sparks, we want to make sure they don’t become flames. In any of these situations, it only takes two cases for a wing or area to be quarantined,” said Kent State Interim Associate Provost Manfred Van Dulmen.

Campus officials have decreased the amount of in-person classes and discouraged off campus parties to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

But now, they’re taking a different approach; random rapid tests throughout the university population with the help of the drug store chain CVS.

“Having the ability to get results pretty much in real-time is a game changer, and also having venders that can provide that information” said Dulmen.

Starting Monday, more than 400 people on Kent States campus will be randomly selected every week to get tested.

Those individuals will go to the student center where CVS workers and university staff will be there to help walk them through the process.

The results comeback in just 15 minutes.

“But not everyone will show up. We’re also over sampling, and will frequently re-evaluate our procedure” said Dulmen.

As more testing becomes available, the number of those being quarantined and isolated will rise.

Is the university prepared for a possible surge?

The university says they have more than 300 COVID-19 rooms ready for additional students who may need to be isolated.

What if you’re not one of the chosen people to get the CVS test?

The student health center also has free testing.

Both testing sites can be utilized if you do or don’t have symptoms.

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