Speeding driver shoots at 2 Akron teenagers, police say (video)

Speeding driver shoots at 2 Akron teenagers, police say (video)

AKRON, Ohio (WOIO) - A 15-year-old boy and an 11-year-old boy were shot at by a speeding driver Sunday afternoon, Akron Police Capt. David Laughlin said.

Neither were injured.

The boys were outside playing basketball in the 1400 block of Rockaway Street around 4:30 p.m. when the 15-year-old said the driver of a white Pontiac G6 went flying down the street, almost hitting the boys.

“I seen him coming really fast and I pushed him out of the way and it made me fall over him,” said Markeise Smith, the 15 year old.

Smith said the driver stopped a few houses down the street after someone yelled to slow down.

This person better hope and pray I don't find him before the police does, he shot at a 11 yr old disabled boy that is my...

Posted by Dolly Young on Sunday, October 11, 2020

That’s when the driver pulled the gun and fired 3 shots.

“I ran to the back door and started banging on the door like crazy so I can get in the house so I don’t get shot,” Smith said.

Smith’s mom, Jennifer Greer is upset her son had to have that experience but is proud of what he did to protect his friend.

“I am, what he did made me very proud,” Greer said, “It was terrifying because someone shot at my son and it’s because he was being a good kid and trying to protect another kid.”

Akron police said the white Pontiac GS has tinted windows and temporary tags.

The driver is 15- to 25-years-old and he was wearing a blue hoodie, police said.

Laughlin added there are no arrests, but detectives are following up on leads.

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