Would-be killers spray house full of Cleveland children with bullets, injuring 2, including a 5-month old

Would be killers spray house full of children with bullets, injuring two, including a 5-month old

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Gunfire erupted, and when the shooting stopped, a baby and a teenager are rushed to the hospital.

The shooters in the drive-by didn’t appear to care who might get hurt or killed when they just sprayed a house with bullets.

“With shooting Eric and that baby, it’s just ridiculous. It hurt me to my heart, and I cried like a baby.”

A woman in the neighborhood, who fears being on camera, is shocked that a 5-month old baby was hit by one of many stray bullets that pierced the walls of this house on Cumberland.

He was struck in his stomach while sitting in his stroller Friday evening around 7:30 p.m.

“He’s beautiful, baby. It’s not only one baby. There are other babies there, little small children. Whoever is doing it got to know because they play out here all day long. There are some of the toys that they play with.”

Cleveland Police said there was an 18-year-old man outside of the house and a vehicle drove by, and an occupant or occupants fired multiple rounds from the vehicle, striking the male outside and the home.

Both the teen and the baby were taken to the hospital by private cars.

“I’m pretty sure whoever is doing this has children. Have little brothers, have little sisters, have nephews and nieces. So, I don’t understand how they could do this and be alright with it you know.”

Police are looking for those responsible for the shooting.

The house in the 9600 block of Cumberland has been a target several times before, including this past 4th of July.

“I really hope they would fix it though. I hope they get this together. We’re bring some heat to it and see what happens. Yeah, bring some heat to it, there you go!”

Police believe three cars were somehow involved in the shooting, have been towed as part of their investigation.

Both the 18-year-old male and the 5-month-old baby remain hospitalized.

No arrests have been made.

5-month old baby boy injured
5-month old baby boy injured (Source: 96-hundred block of Cumberland)

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