Ohio families rush to nursing homes after ban on visitors lifted amid pandemic

After months of being denied access to see family members in nursing homes statewide, due to mandate

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -After months of being denied access to see family members in nursing homes statewide due to mandated guidelines designed to protect residents from COVID-19, families have been reunited in Ohio once again.

Governor Mike DeWine lifted his self-imposed ban on Monday to allow nursing homes to be open to all visitors.

Brenda Webb of Cleveland jumped at the chance to see her 84-year-old mother Lorene, whom she hasn’t seen since July 1st.

“Just to actually lay eyes on her, it meant the world to me, my son and her,” said Brenda Webb.

Time hasn’t been on Brenda Webb’s side; for months, she has agonized in the heartbreaking pain of not seeing her mother.

Meanwhile, the pain was even more difficult for her 17-year-old son, Reggie, she said.

“Extremely tough not being able to see her... Make sure she’s okay... If she needs anything. But they take care of her over at Jennings. For me, it was more smiles. For my son, it was tears. He hadn’t seen her since the beginning of March, and she hadn’t seen him. So, it was happy tears”.

The Jennings Center for Older Adults in Garfield Heights is also where Julie Valen goes to visit her Aunt Doris.

However, she did it this time from outside her aunt’s window on the first floor.

“It’s just wonderful to able to see her and have that one-on-one connection.

And it’s such a beautiful day today, and that was a plus,” she said.

Brenda Webb wishes she could see and hold her mother every day; however, she is thankful and overjoyed with the fact she saw here Monday.

“This is awesome, but how long will it last?" asked an inquisitive Webb.

As for now, the Webb family and many others like them, “Happy Days” are truly here again.

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