New video shows 2 suspects in lottery winner’s murder

New video shows 2 suspects in lottery winner’s murder

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Back in June of 2018, Issac Carson drove into the parking lot of Lady Luck Lounge in Cleveland.

Moments before his arrival, an SUV pulled in carrying the suspects in his murder.

New surveillance video showed Carson sitting in the parking lot for a few minutes as one suspect gets into Carson’s van, and moments later, a second suspect gets in the back.

The van begins to rock, and seconds later, the two suspects run out of the car, back into their own vehicle, and drove away, leaving the body of Issac Carson lying on the ground.

Officials were not able to identify anyone in the video or the vehicle the suspects were in.

According to the medical examiner, Carson died from two gunshots to the back.

The examiner said only one of those shots were deadly.

“That exits the left front of the chest, it’s most lethal because it goes through both of his lungs, goes through the liver, goes through the heart, and goes through the aorta resulting in massive internal bleeding,” said the examiner.

Police have linked Michael Ward to the crime. Claiming they found his DNA on several parts of Carsons Van and on zip ties found inside.

If found guilty, will Michael Ward be the only one held responsible for the death of Issac Carson?

Several other people’s DNA was also found on the van.

Right now, Ward is the only one standing trial.

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