After massive pothole went ignored for two years, 19 News gets results from City of Cleveland just days after story airs

After massive pothole went ignored for two years, 19 News gets results

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -After residents and a prominent member of Cleveland City Council spent more than two years fighting to get a massive pothole fixed in the North Collinwood neighborhood, the city began repairing it less than a week after 19 News tackled the issue.

A city spokesperson said crews determined it was caused by a sewer main issue, which has since been repaired.

“Thanks again for bringing it to our attention,” the spokesperson wrote in an email.

But Ward 8 city councilman Mike Polensek told us last week he was looking into the issue for years, said city officials already knew about the long-ignored problem.

“It’s been at their attention so many times I can’t recall,” he said. “Thank you, Channel 19, because I’ve been writing emails and letters.”

“Obviously, they’ve acknowledged they can’t ignore the issue anymore,” he added.

The street department is expected to resurface the pothole next week.

In the meantime, it has been covered by two steel plates.

The gaping hole on Euclid Beach Blvd., near the intersection of East 159th Street, had been widening and sinking deeper.

“It’s crazy. It’s getting worse,” Karen Deamons told 19 News last Friday.

She was the one who first alerted 19 News to the issue.

“They’re doing good. They’ve got a hole to fill in but at least they’ve got it to where it’s not as bad as it was,” Deamons said on Thursday as a city employee surveyed the area.

Polensek said there has long been confusion over who is responsible for maintaining the roads in that area.

It runs along a Cuyahoga County Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) complex, a private apartment building, and a number of private businesses.

While progress is being made, Deamons points out there are still other issues.

Deamons showed us gouging trenches on nearby East 159th Street. She said it creates problems for motorists and people like her, who use a wheelchair.

Up the road, the integrity of the iconic arch at the park entrance has been compromised after being hit, presumably by a vehicle.

Polensek said he will continue to press city officials to take action.

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