DNA analyst testifies in lottery ticket winner murder trial

DNA analyst testifies in lottery ticket winner murder trial

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Back in June 2018, Issac Carson Jr. was sitting in the parking lot of the Lady Luck Lounge when two suspects got into his car and left him for dead.

An autopsy showed that Carson was shot twice in the back causing internal bleeding.

On Thursday, a DNA analyst testified on the Cuyahoga county DNA Labs findings.

According to the analyst the lab found Michael Ward’s DNA scattered over several parts of the crime scene.

Including Zip ties found in the van and the inside of the door.

"Michael Ward Jr is 383 centennial times more probable than a coincidental match of an unrelated African American person " said the analyst.

But the defense fought back.

They made sure the analyst emphasized that there is no way of telling how the DNA got there or how long it had been there.

“I can speak in possibilities or likelihoods but I can not say how something got somewhere I can only say whether or not there is match support” said the analyst.

“And there is not even a place in your report to say whether you think it was done secondarily" asked the defense attorney.

“It’s not even that there isn’t a place it’s just something that isn’t done” said the analyst.

The state of Ohio believes they have definitely proven Ward is guilty without a shadow of a doubt.

Now, its up to the Jury.

Will they link Ward to the crime solely on DNA?

Or will they say there is not enough evidence, and allow him to walk free?

The court expects a ruling from the jury on Friday.

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